My teaching career has spanned over different roles in DePaul University, Rose-Hulman Instritute of Technology (RHIT), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), and National University of Science and Technology, Pakistan (NUST).

I develop courses at fundamental level for engineering and computer science, and for advanced topics in control systems, robotics and embedded systems.

Current Schedule:

Senior Undergraduate / Graduate Courses:

Course Title Institute
CSC 375/475 - Introduction to Robotics DePaul
CSE 351/451 - Embedded Systems I DePaul
CSE 352 - Embedded Systems II DePaul
CSE 361 - Linear Systems DePaul
CSE 362 - Foundations of Cyber-Physical Computing DePaul
ME 340 - Dynamics of Mechanical Systems UIUC
EE 371 - Linear Control Systems Lab NUST

Fundamental Courses:

Course Title Institute
CSC 241 - Introduction to Computing DePaul
ECE 203 - Fundaments of Electric Circuits RHIT
ECE 206 - Elements of Electrical Engineering RHIT
EE 221 - Digital Logic Design Lab NUST
EE 222 - Microprocessor Systems Lab NUST